Let's talk denim.

Comfortable, unique, flare, baggy, tight, skinny, BOYF-R-I-E-N-D, destroyed, STRAIGHT LEG, vintage, luxury, light-weight, cuffed, r i p p e d, dark, pinstriped, daily, nightly.

There is not an easier go to than a WHITE TEE and a pair of blue. I don't care if you live in Dallas, Texas - Cape Cod, Massachusetts - San Francisco, California - New York, New York. You will not fail with that blue uniform.

The fact that there are S O O O many choices available makes jeans that much more appealing. There is something for EVERYONE. Headed into the fall season now - when blue bottoms are at there prime. I've scoped out a few favorites at Barney's. Do NOT hesitate to follow my lead.