I recently made a discovery that I will be posting about for the next few months so get excited because it's a winner's only situation. 

ROCKSBOX is a dreamy jewelry site that let's you wear and change out some fantastic pieces month after month for only $20/month. If you can't commit to something for too long, or if you want to change your fashion look and get bored after a while this is probably the best thing EVER for y-o-u.

I have another secret to share. If you enter this code at the checkout when applying: thatsecondlookxoxo you get the first month FREE! YES YES YES! F-R-E-E.

So do some damage, look into it, and reach to me with any questions! My first box is on the way and will report back with hopefully good news. But what could be bad apart wearing fab jewelry and returning it when you're over it?