So you're NOT a moto-lover? Ready to have your mind changed? 

Step into JANE MOTORCYCLES and you don't know why, but instantly you will want a new set of two wheels to call your own.

Is it the leather jackets, the fine backpacks, and t-shirts? Or the overall clean merchandising displays that visually stimulate you throughout the open and inviting space...

MAYBE just M.A.Y.B.E it's the scrumptious cup of JOE or LATTE you don't need, but actually would be a fool to pass up ...

You don't have to choose ONE specific reason - or even ADMIT as to why you enjoy this place in Brooklyn. Just know you are NOT ALONE.

If you can't make it in right now - take a minute and REVIEW their site. The organized / friendly / welcoming / beautiful webpage will give you either a NEW ITEM to purchase or directions for when you get a chance to get there!