We are all “busy” and let our hours, days, weeks, and even months get away from us, and forget to truly live, remember what is important, and give ourselves the opportunity to CLEAR our head.


No one is preaching here, but rather recognizing a great opportunity that is around so many of us that we hardly take advantage of, the beast that is Mother Nature and the great outdoors.

Specifically, I am referring to pitching a tent, getting your hands dirty, turning OFF your SNAPCHAT & go camping. There is something that happens when you go RADIO silent and let yourself enjoy the bare necessities of human interaction and the simplistic way of living.


Food, fashion, good conversation is still alive here but in a different way that you often don’t experience on a regular basis. Survival becomes more important than the hottest musical hit, and building and fire to keep warm is priority number one.


Don’t let this brief article of sharing intimidate you, there is the such a term as “glamping” where you get to still be glamourous and enjoy the great outdoors. Go to whatever extreme or not as you will, but remember how satisfying it feels to build, cook, and live without a little more than you need to make you appreciate all that you DO regularly have, and how much potentially you do not need.


Give yourself a day or two away, and let yourself enjoy the silence, read a book, hike through the San Gabriel Mountains and take in a breath of pure, fresh air, you won’t regret it. 

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