Have you been to Silver Lake? The Brooklyn of Los Angeles is giving you hipster cool fashion and food on a must experience level. Being a native New Yorker, I dig what is going on here and understand why it is so attractive.

Out of the main stream Hollywood chaos, there are hidden gems all over this area including this one Haché Los Angeles. This quick and simple spot is serving up a very simple but delicious menu; rather than packing its offerings with immense amount of choices, they offer full flavor throughout the few. Burgers, Fries, Custards, Homemade Drinks and get out! To give you the total inside scoop Haché is a French word meaning ground steak, and oh and you better believe that those massively delightful burgers are freshly made only with the finest 100% angus steak. #sorrynotsorryfastfood

Service: Brief & Efficient

Atmosphere: Airy, Quaint, Hipster

Seating: Outside Dining with Picnic Tables

Food: Flavorful & F.R.E.S.H

Set on Sunset Blvd, Haché has an outside picnic table seating that is perfect for the beautiful LA sunny days, and is exactly what you need after a late night of fun. The burger combinations range from mediterranean, portobello and even meatless if you want to go there. Pair it with a Craft Beer, Purple Palmer, or a strawberry basil treat called The Famous, you can’t make a bad decision here.  

Give your taste buds some serious satisfaction the next time you’re in town, and explore not only this fantastic spot, but have an adventure within the entire area itself. There is a great deal of things to see, places to try, and fun to be had.   


Haché Los Angeles

3319 W. Sunset Blvd

Los Angeles, CA