There is something indescribably calming about watching the sunset. A constant action you can always count on, as the sun will set, and the sun will rise each day no matter what else happens.


As we all strive to make things in our life consistent, creating routines within our daily actions to make us feel more structured and in control, we are constantly surrounded by people and things that are very inconsistent and extremely unreliable.


Sunsets are one of the most beautiful parts of nature that we are able to witness, each day, if we choose to make time to, using that moment in whatever way we desire.


A time for reflecting over goals, relationships, and life in general. A time to be present, and take the beauty that is in front of you. A time to share a special moment with someone that you care about under the fading sun.


However you choose to experience it, experience it. Don’t let time escape you while you are busy planning for the next day. Allow yourself to slow down just for a moment, relax your mind and body, breathe deep, and cut yourself a break and watch the sun set.


If you are able to check out Venice Beach, CA for these specific prime time views. Otherwise just go to wherever you can and take it all in.