Weekend 1 is over just as Weekend 2 begins ! 

With a little something for everyone, Coachella had amazing sounds, drinks, entertainment, and almost enough space to house all of the fun. The overall set up as far as commuting in a out for those non-camp-goers could have been smoother, but it is hard to have such high expectations for something that needs to house over 90,000 people. 

You could feel the tightness of capacity as you circled from tent to tent, but as a lot of other festivals that are supported by POSITIVE vibes and fun-loving citizens. There was hardly any harm just a lot of bumping and rubbing. 

There were amazing vendors to choose from to grub down on but if you're too busy dancing and remembering to eat you potentially didn't get to experience the great food - self included. Anything you wanted to drink was also available FOR A PRICE which made the drinks a little less appetizing throughout the weekend, at least from the staff that was serving them! $2 waters vs. $10 beers was the way to go, as the HEAT was strong, the winds were also showing a great deal of face as well, making a handkerchief your true FESTIE-BESTIE. 

As far as the scoop on the music - if you've heard your friends on social media and read the already reviews, skip Guns-N-Roses so you don't waste your time. Check out the lineup for stars that will be worth the watch and groove such as Sam Feldt, Maceo Plex, The Chainsmokers, Nina Las Vegas and much more !! 

As for the fashion that showed up, it wasn't a surprise to see the usual suspects rocking their boho chic ways throughout the stages and beer gardens all weekend long ! Examples of some of the items that you could have found there and might see this weekend are below. 

Check them out if you're going tonight, already went and maybe want something to get your FOMO fix or just because. xoxo