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Spring has sprung! Most likely you are in need of a pick me up hairstyle to get you out of your wintertime routines & blues. There is something for everyone in the below 7 Trending Hairstyles for Women. Pick which one that works best for you and make it your own.



“Taxi! Church and Franklin please! And Hurry… I’m running late.” Sigh…

New York I miss you. The busy streets, the restaurants, the fashion, the best bagels in the world, the happy hour at every hour, you’re great.

“Let me grab my keys… I’m leaving now… Oh there is traffic on the 101 again, I should be there in 2 hours… I’m going to be late.” Sigh…

LA I love you. The sunshine, the smiles, the actors and actresses on every corner, the green juices and the beach access any day of the week, right on!



We’re beyond the days of “It’s too expensive to eat healthy,” the gig is up! There are options, lots of them, and especially at a specific store we all know, Trader Joes – where they sell yummy goods at a very low price. Below are a few personal favorites that are at a meek $5 and under, yet will give you lots of nutrition, and a party in your mouth, all at a low cost.

To make it easier on the eyes and more efficient for you reading pleasure let’s break these gems into categories we all know and love, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and of course snacks.


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short cake.jpg


There is a crossbreed Bakery / Café living in the Original Farmers Market on 3rd Street that you need to rush to now. GO!

Service: Speedy & Welcoming  
Atmosphere: Quaint, Colorful & Deliciously Scented
Seating: Courtyard amongst other Vendors
Food: High Quality & Extremely Flavorful  
Coffee: Proudly they serve VERVE: enough said.  

Named to have some of the best scones in LA by CBS Local, my personal objective was a no brainer move to experience that type of delicious treat. This local treasure was created by the founder of Short Order, Amy Pressman, alongside of her long time friend Nancy Silverton to create a unique spot that offers fresh products from cakes, pastries, pies, salads and sandwiches.   The inspiration stemming from some of their favorites foods and edibles, the options available here are served with a personal favorite of mine, VERVE coffee (to be discussed at a later time). Not only do you get to experience a delicious bite such as the pictured, hazelnut croissant, but you get to wash it down with your favorite latte or cappuccino for your morning, mid-day afternoon, #treatyourself delight. Not to over use the word that is questioned and disliked by so many, but the m-o-i-s-t texture, flaky nature, and taste bud crushing, flavors that you’ll experience here are worth the trip.   Solo or with a friend, there is plenty to love (event gluten-free options as well), you work too hard not to enjoy the little things, take a break already; Bon-Appetit!

6333 W. 3rd St. Stall #316
Los Angeles, CA 90036

hollywood hike.jpg


TAKE A HIKE. A classic term that is overlooked and under appreciated when you think about the context that could potentially be behind in. If you’re fortunate enough to be surrounded by nature and incredible mountains, the advice is to actually, take that hike.

An alternate activity compared to going to Equinox and lifting heavy, or hitting up another spin class at SoulCycle is to take that physical momentum to the hills and go for an outdoor adventure. Saying that partaking in outdoor experiences is only good for you body is doing the act a disservice. Hiking also gives you the opportunity to take yourself outside of your daily routine, as I do not know very many people that are daily hikers, and give yourself a chance to switch it up. Tune out the car horns, noisy commuters, flashing lights, and television programs. Refresh, recharge, and rejuvenate your muscles and mind today, tomorrow at least sometime soon and give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors either by yourself or with a friend. Specific images here are shown from behind the Hollywood Hills throughout one of the many ways you can explore the Hollywood sign.  Whether you’re a visiting tourist or an LA local, this ‘walk’ is something that you’ll want to check out.

pono burger 2.jpg


As the executive chef and founder of PONO Burger shared, “Pono” means “to do things the right way” in Hawaiian. Zagat agrees that this hot spot does in fact do it right with their incredibly fresh, organic ingredients day in and day out. You have to experience it for yourself. I did, and was NOT disappointed, don’t rob yourself of the same opportunity.

Service: Friendly & Inviting

Atmosphere: Modern, Open, Art-filled & Trend Right

Seating: Patio (Yes Please!), Tin Barn or Inside

Food: Zagat Rating, all organic, local & super FRESH

Don’t be too disappointed to find out I devoured the “Meatless” Burger. I am a meat LOVER but how often do you come across an actually GOOD vegetarian option… Exactly. As described on the menu, this balsamic infused patty made of organic ingredients from portobello mushrooms, leafy greens, tomatoes, avocado, onion, pickles and aioli all beneath a toasted brioche bun (if you’re watching your carbs for fashion week, go bun-less). There is plenty more to enjoy on this menu from organic hand cut fries, and the real deal burgers such as the KUAWA CRUNCH or the PANIOLO, all products are fresh NEVER frozen, and grilled over an oak fire for a lunch or dinner to talk about and experience again and AGAIN. As Chef Makani says she does not want to feed her customers anything less than what she would serve her family. Come, Eat, & Enjoy.

PONO Burger

829 Broadway. Santa Monica, CA.